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Trying to Find A Mediator?

Steve Pollack is not a psychologist or psychotherapist. Instead, he's a seasoned Miami mediator and compassionate counseling expert. His distinctive approach can help you to co-create greater ease, flow and connection in your relationships. His Miami Mediation Services as well as his unique NVC Mediation process will help you go through a painful relationship break-up more consciously. He simply gets concrete results faster than traditional mediation methods, and enhances your chances of a more amicable divorce. Here's just one testimonial:

"I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with years of experience, and I'd recommend Steve most highly for anyone who's dealing with communication blockages or emotional challenges. He's my go-to person for healing empathy because he has an amazing way of helping me to shift the way we look at things. He has a gift for translating even painful situations into a pure language of nonviolence and compassion, without any judgments. That's what really helps to clear the way for more enlightened solutions. I can count on him when I really need to be heard and supported on an emotional or deeply spiritual level. We've gotten insights into understanding precisely what everyone's unmet needs were in any situation, and support in finding sensible ways to get those needs expressed and fulfilled."

-- Monica Joseph, LMHC, Naples, FL

Are you running into recurring conflicts and intense arguments or threats from your spouse or significant other?  Do you find the more you try to get your points across, the more you receive harsh criticism, blame and judgment? Are painful emotional reactions draining your energy? Do you find the best lawyers are beyond your means, leaving you at a serious disadvantage? Consider Mediation-Miami as an option.

Here's an affordable, reasonable way to co-create mutual respect with your husband, wife or get the clarity and deep understanding you need to move on with your lives.

If you want to build authentic cooperation, if your goal is to develop mutual understanding, look no further for a mediator. Steve Pollack works exclusively with clients who wish to co-create a foundation for productive communication. Mediation is your chance to work things out. Instead of running up major legal costs with expensive attorneys, why not build positive, collaborative relationships at a fraction of the cost? Skilled mediation prepares the ground for the most amicable divorce possible.

"Steve: I had the chance last night to practice the skills we discussed yesterday regarding talking and listening to my son when he's upset. I put to use the idea of acknowledging more deeply his perceptions. It worked! I had something useful to say to him and he seemed to appreciate it. For this I am thankful. For this I am pleased that we talked and that you shared your knowledge and kind demeanor with me."

Stefanie Tatalias, Anchorage, AK

Divorce Mediation Miami

Steve Pollack's goal as your independent mediator is to resolve your communication challenges quickly and efficiently, avoiding the most common, time-consuming pitfalls. Miami Mediation service with Steve is unique as a powerful catalyst for genuine understanding and relationship transformation. It truly takes your communication skills to the next level, with expert support at every step. If you seek an amicable divorce, it increases your chances.

Are You A Candidate for NVC Mediation?

Hundreds of people have recently googled "divorce mediator Miami" just as you may have. You may be an ideal candidate for Steve Pollack's exclusive NVC (nonviolent communication) work in this field. With his communication coaching, you'll have the unwavering support of an expert. You'll learn how to apply the NVC mediation wisdom techniques to significant others and family members alike. Since you may still be trying to find a mediator, this is the time to call for your free 15-minute phone consultation. During this call, you'll see if you are a qualified candidate for Steve's services.

"Steve... many thanks for helping us get on the right track... it feels so good to be communicating honestly and easily without the judgments.  I can't imagine how those things could have been expressed without your mediation sessions. But also what I want to say is it was so great how we were able to express years worth of built-up family issues, and even some that spanned generations...and we now talk about this way of communicating and are working it into practice, so thank you so much for being available to help us with this!"

Ashley M, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

When Amicable Divorce is an Option

Steve is a qualified specialist in compassionate communication counseling.

Whether you're seeking Miami mediation in person or by phone or Skype, he can help you to create a more equitable divorce agreement and a more beneficial settlement. Steve is a communication consultant who uses Nonviolent Communication techniques to optimize emotional IQ and increase clarity of interpersonal communication. If “divorce mediation Miami” is in your search box, you've landed on the right page. Mr. Pollack can provide valuable insights that will reduce some of the confusion and stress of the divorce process you are considering or undergoing. Most of all, he can help you ask for what you want in such a way that everyone's needs for respect are more likely to be met.

"Steve...I loved your mediation-Miami session! It was the first time ever I felt like I was finally heard and understood. It was the first time ever that I truly empathized with someone and really knew where they are coming from. It was the first time ever that it wasn't 'just me' ... it was both of us that were truly listening to each other and communicating the real feelings and needs that reside within us...thanks to your expert coaching and mediation!"

-- Timothy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Educational Background

Steve Pollack has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and specializes in Nonviolent Communication mediation and consultation. He has over 90 hours of training in mediation and interpersonal communication, and over a decade as a practitioner. Steve has attended in-person trainings and workshops with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of NVC, as well as numerous Certified NVC Trainers. He has facilitated ongoing practice groups, given public talks, and counseled individuals, couples and families on how to use these communication techniques. The result is enhanced relationships of all kinds, including the core relationship with self.

Explore Mediation Miami Today

Choose convenient telephone consultations, Skype conferences, or in-person meetings to fit your schedule, at reasonable hourly rates. Get Your free 15-Minute Consultation to find help with Miami mediation now--contact us today.

Discount prices (for continuous, uninterrupted talk-therapy sessions only)
1/2 hour $45
1 hour    $75
2 hours $125

Email  Or call 305.947.9115

More Testimonials:


"As I read through all that Steve has written ... I think of how I see him as the facilitator of our regular NVC meetings. I see a man who represents what I believe he would like to help others achieve in their own lives. Among other qualities, he is relaxed, comfortable, knowledgeable, skilled, focused, helpful and "in the moment," regardless of what else he may have going on in his life. Communication is key."

-- Arlene Rothenberg, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Radio Interview with Steve Pollack

Rev. Lori Cardona invited me to her 15-minute blogtalk radio show for a brief interview of my NVC mediation work. I come in at the 8-minute mark, about halfway through the segment. Please enjoy it and share with your social network friends.

Steve Pollack is an outstanding Independent Miami Mediation professional who can help you end your search to find a mediator today...


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