If you need to hire a freelance writer--a writing specialist capable of handling even your most highly sensitive subject matter, you need look no further. You've just now, this very moment, found a modern master of persuasive, diplomatic writing.

Since 1997, Steve Pollack has become a specialized niche writer working primarily with the subtle yet powerful tools of Nonviolent Communication. Also called NVC or Compassionate Communication, it's a language process developed by a renowned clinical psychologist. For more about this power language, see the "NVC In Real Life" blog at: www.mediation-usa.org

Steve has earned a reputation as a unique wisdom writer who can filter out even the subtlest of moralistic judgments or other communication-blocking words from your most sensitive letters. He also supports you in highlighting your personal value judgments, because human values make it easy for readers to relate and connect with you.

Not only does he remove the words that block connection, he's also highly skilled at "nonviolent translating." Thus he deftly replaces communication-blocking words with a pure vocabulary of feelings and needs--words more likely to connect the way you want to, with the heart of the reader.

Same goes for those highly sensitive emails in your inbox: Before hitting the send button, for heaven's sake, hire Steve to craft and polish your diplomatic writing projects. He'll help you to maximize your "emotional connection score" with others. That's an especially wise strategy if you're trying to prevent or resolve a conflict.

Your freelancer also happens to be an expert in mediation. Imagine the possibilities if he's writing all your most important material!

There is only one niche writer, Steve Pollack, to turn to.  Some call him the wisdom writer.  It may be quite brilliant of you to call him straightaway on the tele, or perhaps shoot him an email and ask about his freelance rates. Sorry, he's not actually British, but simply likes the affect.

When you want to respond in writing with insight, patience and wisdom to save a friendship or business relationship...

When you need a carefully composed, artfully compassionate message to effectively get through to a significant person in your life...

If you seriously want to keep your closest relationships healthy and focused on working things out so that you can be together, and stay together, just remember: Nonviolent, diplomatic writing and editing services are now available to help you build compassionate relationships.

Have no need for a writer? If you happen to be in the Miami area, you may enjoy learning about NVC (Nonviolent Communication) by attending the Build Compassionate Relationships meetup group facilitated by Steve Pollack. For information, please visit: www.nvccoachmiami.com


I see NVC as a pure language of love. Reading Marshall Rosenberg's book was a wonderful eye opener--it showed me how I'd learned from my culture to perceive and speak in non-compassionate ways. Practicing the language of compassion was challenging, but with help from the NVC practice group, I began to make significant changes in my everyday communication. The greatest gift comes from the quality of my relationships resulting especially from Steve's help and understanding. He is compassionate and truly models NVC clearly and effectively. I feel grateful for his inspired coaching, and to the Miami practice group for all their support. I feel very excited and hopeful when I witness the highly developed skills of people who have been practicing NVC longer than I."

--Dr. Robert E. Walsh, Walsh Wellness Center
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

When You Want to Hire a Freelance Writer...remember:

Steve Pollack has a 15-year background as a writing specialist noted for his successful handling of sensitive subject matter. He started with a B.A. in Communication as a freelance copywriter in the advertising and public relations field. His work as a wisdom writer now incorporates the power of Nonviolent-Communication. He has over 90 hours of training in mediation and interpersonal communication, and over a decade as a practitioner. Steve has attended in-person trainings and workshops with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of NVC, as well as numerous certified NVC trainers. He has facilitated ongoing support groups, given public talks, and counseled individuals, couples and families on how to use these wisdom communication techniques, both in writing and conversational speech.