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Effective Family Counseling in Miami

Steve Pollack offers a unique form of alternative family counseling based in the wisdom tradition of Nonviolent Communication. Referred to as NVC for short, it's an emotionally dynamic process of therapy pioneered by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. In Steve's able hands, it gets dramatic results in a fraction of the time required by more traditional techniques. Compassionate communication is the key. This is an opportunity to increase the healing power of your family emotional support system. This form of family counseling in Miami is also offered through phone conference calls and Skype--provided you meet certain criteria to be a candidate for Mr. Pollack's services.

"Steve... many thanks for helping us get on the right track... it feels so good to be communicating honestly and easily without the judgments.  I can't imagine how those things could have been expressed without your mediation sessions. But also what I want to say is it was so great how we were able to express years worth of built-up family issues, and even some that spanned generations...and we now talk about this way of communicating and are working it into practice, so thank you so much for being available to help us with this!"

--Ashley, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Near Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

Though not a psychologist or psychotherapist, Steve Pollack brings you over a decade of experience customizing this profoundly healing process to each unique family situation. He will support you in fostering personal and relationship growth. The goals are simply to achieve greater balance, harmony and understanding.

"Steve was able to facilitate communication between myself and my mother and make an incredible amount of progress in two hours. He was able to understand how each of us was feeling, and then translate for the other and cut through issues and communication problems that have been going on for decades. We could not be more grateful."

--S.A., New York, NY

The Family Emotional Support You Need

Derived from the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers, this very special form of deeply empathetic counseling places strong emphasis on the healing power of empathy. Steve helps you learn how to give as many layers of empathy as needed for each involved member of the family. Only then, when all have had their needs met for compassion and understanding, does it move on to strategic, creative brainstorming. Practical, effective solutions can be found even for the most difficult family relationship counseling challenges.

When issues arise in your family, you can turn to Steve Pollack time and time again for family counseling in Miami, including the specialized service of NVC education, which has helped so many families restore a sense of understanding, compassion and peace to their lives.


"I have worked with Steve Pollack for a number of years. I continue to be enriched, cherished and assisted in my personal growth by practicing Nonviolent Communication counseling under his leadership. Steve is an empathic and caring facilitator who creates and maintains a safe container for rigorous and honest practice. To anyone interested in learning NVC, confronting personal crisis, or facilitating personal growth, I recommend him to you most highly."

-- Stephanie King, NVC practitioner, North Miami, FL                      Florida Teacher of the Year (2000)

Steve Pollack supports you in finding the most compassionate ways to express your deepest feelings, longings and needs to your family, and still get the family emotional support you want.  He functions as a specialized communication coach. With his expert guidance, you will find the most effective ways to share your needs and wants with your family.  With his support, you'll learn how to build upon your repertoire of skills for finding nonviolent, constructive solutions.

You and your family members may already have some experience with this unique kind of family counseling in Miami, or you may simply want to experience it for the first time. You need only pick up the phone or send a brief email request to Steve Pollack at, and you're on your way!

"Dear Steve: I had the chance last night to practice the skills we discussed yesterday regarding talking and listening to my son when he's upset. I put to use the idea of acknowledging more deeply his perceptions. It worked! I had something useful to say to him and he seemed to appreciate it. For this I am thankful. For this I am pleased that we talked and that you shared your knowledge and kind demeanor with me."

-- Stefanie, Anchorage, AK

Take that first step now. Make a commitment to your personal growth as you reach out for help with your family. Make that essential investment in the well-being of your closest relationships, and give NVC education a chance. It can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, by phone consultation or Skype.

Call today for your free 15-minute consultation by phone at 305-947-9115 at which time Mr. Pollack will determine whether you are a candidate for his services. Please remember to dial the country code first if calling from outside the USA.

Discounted Hourly Rates (for continuous talk-therapy sessions only)
1/2 hour $45
1 hour    $75
2 hours $125


"Steve...I loved your session! It was the first time ever I felt like I was finally heard and understood. It was the first time ever that I truly empathized with someone and really knew where they are coming from. It was the first time ever that it wasn't 'just me' ... it was both of us that were truly listening to each other and communicating the real feelings and needs that reside within us...thanks to your expert coaching and mediation!"

-- Timothy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Educational Background & Experience

Steve Pollack has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and specializes in family counseling in Miami. He has over 90 hours of combined training in mediation and interpersonal communications, and over a decade as a practitioner. Steve has attended in-person trainings and workshops with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of NVC, as well as numerous certified NVC trainers. He has facilitated ongoing practice groups, given public talks, and offered individual counseling, and alternative marriage counseling.


Rev. Lori Cardona invited me to her 15-minute blogtalk radio show for a brief interview which relates to Steve's family emotional support ... I come in at the 8-minute mark, about halfway through the segment. Please enjoy it and share with your social network friends