Conscious Business--What Exactly Is It?

Creating and building a conscious business is an organic, day-to-day process of becoming more keenly aware of your own personal spirituality at work. At the same time, you are finding and aligning your energy and vision with the company's higher humanistic goals, values and needs.

Old School vs. New

The old-school model focused on building the business, the corporation, the top executive management and the bottom line. It suggested that to achieve success with a new small business venture, you must work yourself half to death. Sometimes quite literally. Following this old school model, many became slaves to their own businesses. Eventually, if they could, they'd hire others to do the work they couldn't or wouldn't do. For an in-depth look at the stressful toll this old model took upon our physical and psychological health, I highly recommend this article.

A Whole New School of Thought

Today's trend toward rapidly evolving conscious business is recognizing a profound need to also contribute to the well-being of clients, customers, employees, the immediate environment and the global environment. Instead of working yourself or your employees to death, it's about finding work that stimulates a passion that is very much alive in you.  Instead of being distracted constantly by phone calls, emails and texts, it's about learning how to focus passionately on one priority at a time.  When you find yourself in that inspired state of deep concentration and flow, you know you're creating a truly conscious business.

"I had an opportunity to be in the presence of Mr. Pollack for a week-long training.  I enjoyed his warm personality and his great sense of humor. Mr. Pollack always created a safe and healthy atmosphere.  I was positively impacted by his attitude and pleasant, peaceful spirit of wisdom."
Jennifer, Atlanta, Georgia

NVC at Work *Is* Spirituality at Work

NVC introduces a new spiritual paradigm of nonviolent, compassionate communication for your work place.

Internally, NVC at work is an introspective process. It supports entrepreneurs, executives, managers and employees alike in getting clear on their deeper needs, passions and motivations around work. It shows how to tap a vast reservoir of energy and enthusiasm. This energy is there in virtually everyone, from your business partners to your personal assistant.

Externally, NVC at work is a wisdom process that enhances working relationships. It facilitates more truthful, accurate, efficient communication among employees and between various echelons of workers.

High-Stress Business Environment

Wherever people work together under pressure there is likely to be stress, tension and conflict, including anger. When entrenched anger becomes a prevalent pattern of energy in your offices, productivity and efficiency take a nosedive.

A consultation with Steve Pollack helps you find and connect with your own inherent spirituality at work. His workshops will show you how to tap into so-called negative/toxic energy--including the energy of anger--and transform it into a positive force for deeper connection, understanding and progress toward work goals. 

"Mr. Pollack is not your average wisdom speaker, he is more like a healer that's communicating a message. A message that is so personal when delivered in a group session that you feel as though it's the two of you having a meaningful dialogue. A dialogue that soothes and comforts, and that's coated with humor."

-- Irwin Royster, Atlanta, GA

Conscious Business or Sorcery?

Wisdom Communication invites you to experience the wisdom and power of NVC at work. You will then begin to see that every business has the potential to re-cast itself in a more meaningful spiritual light. Sorcery, after all, derives from the word, "source." When you enjoy the positive energy of spirituality at work, you are simply connecting with Source.

The challenges and hurtles, of course, are great; the rewards even greater. You'll experience more ease, flow and efficiency. Your transformed conscious business will enjoy greater levels of spiritual harmony, cooperation, morale and employee motivation.

Ultimately, the bottom line goes higher as well, just as your spirits will. That's when you realize you've achieved the best of both worlds, the old and new paradigms.

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."...Steve Pollack really works with people closely, caring deeply about their challenges of developing a conscious business, meeting them in the trenches of the workplace so to speak. He gives people far more than is expected of him, and does it with a contagious positive attitude."

--George, Spa Manager, Aventura, FL

"You could not find a better teacher or instructor to impart the knowledge of meditation and conscious stress-reduction techniques and theory than Steve Pollack. Steve not only teaches...he practices what he teaches. In other words, he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He continues to study and practice this art... I have known Steve personally for many years and you could not find a more dedicated, enthusiastic individual to have working with you."

-- Bruce W. Burkard, former Prudential Commercial Director
Virginia Beach, FL

"This is to recommend Steve Pollack for his professional services in providing stress management training in busy offices like mine. With help from Steve, I am developing techniques that allow me to reduce stress and gain relaxation time quickly through meditation. ...I found to my surprise that this is a simple and effective way to maintain a mental balance in daily affairs and bring more consciousness to my business."

-- Gary W. Smith, President L.B. Slater & Company
Hollywood, FL

"Mr. Pollack has demonstrated professional ability in the execution of his work. Moreover, his position was one that demanded a great deal of flexibility and versatility, and he has responded admirably to these pressures. I have found him to have an exceptional capacity for working with others, and I was able to depend on him to consider unexpected hours and adverse conditions all as part of the job."
-- Stephen J. Gottlieb, Director
Brooklyn, NY