One of the Best Public Speakers Locally

Steve Pollack is a lively, engaging speaker offering a wide variety of topics you can select from. He possesses a special ability to educate as he entertains. As a speaker he makes it a point to address the most serious subjects with all seriousness...while remembering to share the warmth and humor that make the information so easy to relate to.

"Mr. Pollack is not your average speaker, he is more like a healer that's communicating a message. A message that is so personal when delivered in a group session that you feel as though it's the two of you having a meaningful dialogue. A dialogue that soothes and comforts, and that's coated with humor."

-- Irwin Royster, Atlanta, GA

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Your "Best Public Speaker's" Topics

1. The Power of Nonviolent Mediation

How NVC Mediation Can Succeed where Conventional Mediation may Fail, including Divorce Mediation

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2. NVC Nonviolent Communication

A Highly Evolved, Pure Process of Communication that Brings Spiritual Consciousness and Compassion to Everyday Relationships and Conversations

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3. Secrets of Successful Individual Counseling

Getting to the Core Truths of Personal Matters, Even when You Think You Can't Handle the Truth

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4. Tips for Effective Couples Communication

Why Conventional Marriage Therapy May Fail when NVC Communication Counseling Succeeds

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5. The Peace Potential of Family Therapy

Hot to Transform Entrenched Dysfunctional Family Dynamics in Four Simple Yet Powerful Steps

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6. NVC at Work:

How to Improve Attitudes, Energy & Efficiency through Respectful, Compassionate Communication

7. Conscious Business:

How to Transform the Goals and Ideals of Your Business by Working in Harmony with Your Most Passionate Humanistic Values and Needs

Click here for more about Steve's Conscious Business Consulting

8. Spirituality at Work:

How to Incorporate Short, Easy Meditations and Visualizations to Enhance Insight and Performance

9. Yoga and Meditation

The Relationship between Yoga and Meditation, their Origins and Purposes, the Countless Modern Variations of Form, and How to Maximize Your Benefit


"We've had the great pleasure of having Steve present NVC to our students and program instructors. On this topic, he is clearly the best public speaker we've ever heard. His relaxed and down to earth approach invites everyone to engage in learning how to apply NVC personally and professionally.  Through exercises and role play, Steve led the group to practice and observe the immediate effectiveness and profound usefulness of this form of compassionate communication.  After one session, students were eager to begin to practice and apply what they learned in situations where communication has been challenging. Incredible!  We are so grateful to Steve for sharing this powerful information and look forward to more!  I highly recommend Steve, whether it is for a class or a public talk or private session.  Steve is a treasure!"

-- Mindy Yale, PSAV Instructor, Massage Therapy Department
Palm Beach State College

Educational Background

Steve Pollack has a B.A. in Communication, and specializes in Nonviolent-Communication-based counseling, public speaking and consultation. He has over 90 hours of training in mediation and interpersonal communication, and over a decade as a practitioner. Steve has attended in-person trainings and workshops with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of NVC, as well as numerous certified NVC trainers. He has facilitated ongoing NVC practice groups, given public talks, and counseled individuals, couples and families on how to use these wisdom communication techniques.